I'm so proud of me

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This panty is guaranteed to make you feel a little happier, walk with a little more swagger, and make your butt look great.

It's one of kind: Each message is embroidered on the inside of the panty so you, and only you, can read it. But wait! The embroidery shows on the front of the panty so you can read it in the mirror too. 

High quality cotton, soft as a well loved t-shirt, makes this underwear comfy too.

Boutique-made: Every panty is embroidered when it's ordered. No mass produced panty for you - you'll be wearing a made-for-you piece of lingerie.

It comes in a cute organza bag, perfect for gifting. Imagine her face when she sees the message through the bag ("what the...?"), then opens it ("is this...?"), and then her smile as she holds them up in the air ("these are amazing!"). You'll earn best gift-giver status for a year. 

Full bottom panty with embroidered message on the inside front panel.

Bikini and embroidery are soft as your favorite t-shirt. No rubbing in sensitive areas.   

93% cotton/7% lycra