Get to Know InnerTruth Panties

Our mission: A positive, happy you
At InnerTruth Panties our mission is simple. We want to give you a smile and remind you of how incredibly strong you are. 

About InnerTruth Panties
InnerTruth Panties is based out of a small design studio in Seattle. We’re dedicated to supporting women and creating panties that both feel great on and remind you to love yourself. 

Each of our panties are hand embroidered with love and positive vibes in our studio. 

About Joy
Our founder is appropriately named Joy! Joy’s idea for InnerTruth Panties developed after a particularly hard day at work when she needed a pick me up during a private moment in the bathroom. Then it came to her: since so many private spaces that women occupy are filled with negative messages, what would happen if we took some of that space back and filled it with messages of love, support and hope? InnerTruth Panties was born. 

Is the embroidery comfortable?  Does it rub?
Our embroidery is designed to be soft and comfortable. It won’t rub in any sensitive areas and you’ll barely feel it when your panties are on. 

What’s your best selling panty?
“I’m right where the universe needs me” is our bestselling panty. In fact, it’s the first one we sent out for testing! We’ve been so happy that so many women seem to relate to this phrase. 

Do you make every panty yourself?
Yes.  Each panty is made when its ordered.

Do you do custom phrases? 
Absolutely. Custom phrases can make great gifts for your friends or significant others as well. 

Why are you doing this?
We’re committed to idea of making women’s inner voices more positive and awesome. We love the idea of taking a blank space (the front of your panties) and transforming that into a space for positive affirmation in your life!
Size Chart

The panties stretch so you have some wiggle room if you don’t know the exact size

 X-Small 0-2
 Small 4-6
Medium 8-10
Large 12-14
XL 16
2X 18-20
3X 22-24