Get to Know InnerTruth Panties

InnerTruth Panties came from a very real need.

I was getting my ass handed to me at work. Every day my work was being questioned; my judgement, my approach, my interactions, even my email signature were being criticized. I felt like the most worthless worm on the face of the planet.

So, during a particularly rough day, I took a moment in the bathroom. I was sitting there, fighting back tears and telling myself “I know I’m good at my job. I know what I’m doing.” And I thought, I wish I had something that reminded me of these things.

Then I looked down at the blank triangle on my underwear and froze. This. I see this spot every single time I go to the bathroom. And no one but me can see it. It’s perfect.

I rushed out, shaking in my excitement to get the idea captured in a note. I didn’t know how I’d get the messages on my panties. I just knew I had to do it.

And I have. A plethora of positive messages on the inside of panties to give women strength and encouragement throughout the day.

Is the embroidery comfortable?  Does it rub?
Our embroidery is designed to be soft and comfortable. It won’t rub in any sensitive areas and you won't feel it when your panties are on. 

What’s your best selling panty?
“I am fucking awesome” is our bestselling panty. We’ve been so happy that so many women seem to relate to this phrase. 

Do you make every panty yourself?
Yes.  Each panty is made when its ordered.

Do you do custom phrases? 
Absolutely. Custom phrases can make great gifts for your friends or significant others as well. 

Why are you doing this?
Because I'm hard on myself sometimes and figure a lot of other women are too. So, if a little positive thinking nudge in my underwear helps me, it'll probably help someone else.