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Cool Mom Picks (October 2017)


We’ve seen plenty of inspirational art and motivational mugs, but never have we even seen… panties. Well, until now, thanks to Innertruth Panties, a line of embroidered underwear with inspirational messages. On the inside.

Admittedly, I giggled, but then, really, who am I to say where women draw their motivation, especially in this current climate. If you need some kind words in your underpants right now, my lady friends, then more power to you!

 A Sophisticated Pair (May 22, 2015)


First, I am sure you are wondering why the title contains a language warning ripped from the Motion Picture Association of America, and the answer is simple:  Out of respect for readers with differing views on acceptable language, I opt to write more conservatively on the blog, but today, I am breaking out the F-bomb for a very special pair of panties.  A couple weeks ago, Sweet Nothings hosted a giveaway for ChickenEye Designs Inner Truth panties, and while I had never heard of the brand, I became intrigued by their twist on the classic “words on panties” gimmick.  Instead of writing sometimes-clever, sometimes-sexual words and sayings meant to be read by others, Inner Truth panties are written for the wearer to enjoy while looking in a mirror.  For these Seattle-based designers, the words on the underwear are meant to inspire love and healing for yourself, to encourage you to look in the mirror and find acceptance.  Did I mention you can also use them to affirm body positivity while you pee?  Personally, I have never seen any other product like this before, and when I learned more about the company through their website, I instantly felt their passion:


Sweet Nothings (May 6, 2015)


So how do you create your own counter-programming? I don’t know about you, but when I’m struggling to be body-positive towards myself, nothing feels worse than hopping up and looking in the mirror and going “hey Sweets, your body is beautiful and you’re a radiant angel and you’re terrific and now you feel better!” It doesn’t work like that– I can’t help but feel phony. What I have found works well for me when I start feeling down on myself is to say “oh, hey. Something’s going on, and right now I’m struggling with body-positivity.” That way I’m NOT pretending my feelings aren’t happening, but I’m also not giving voice to negative feelings and mistaking them for fact. Words are powerful; when we write down or give voice to negative thoughts, they take on the weight of truth, even (and especially) when they’re not true. Acknowledging the struggle without speaking the negative words has been one of the best tricks I’ve learned for bringing myself a little peace when I’m feeling down.

The next step, of course, is to seek out positive reinforcement that feels genuine and unforced. And that’s where today’s giveaway comes into play: I’m delighted to introduce Inner Truth Panties by Chicken Eye Designs.


The Adventures of Mona Darling (March 16, 2015)


I don’t remember how I stumbled across this Etsy shop. It’s very possible I was searching for something chicken related, but it could have been panty related. Either way, I’m pretty sure there was wine involved because drinking wine and shopping on Etsy is my evening activity of choice lately – if I actually manage to stay awake through Scout’s story time. Which often I don’t.  Because going to bed at 8:30 pm is the new staying up all night partying. Right?

Sometimes during trying times, all you need is a reminder; a reminder that you can do it, that you are strong, that you are beautiful, that you are worthy, and that in the end, everything will be all right. And one thing that is a constant during those times, is your need to pee.

Thats why I love these panties. Because every hour or so, more often when I’m hydrated or on a long drive, I get that reminder in big bold print, staring up at me. I reached out to Chicken Eye Designs to tell them how much I loved the idea – they offered to send me a pair to review. I was torn between two pairs and their panty fairy graciously sent me both!