Weekly EEK! Moment - Wearing a Short Dress

August 01, 2015

We've decided that we're all going to do something each week that makes us go "EEK!". We figure it's good for our blood flow, counts as a form of exercise since our heart rate goes up, and it keeps us on our toes.

Our fearless leader, Joy, kicked us off. Today she put on a short sun dress to run her errands. How short you ask? It was above her fingertips - a length she hasn't worn in 15 years or more.

Here's her reaction...

I almost chickened out before I got to the elevator, then again before I left the building. A slight breeze came through and I gathered the side of the skirt in my hand to keep it from blowing up. I was walking everywhere today and didn't want to flash anyone.

My first errand was about a mile away. I counted tourists, recited my shopping list, anything to get my mind off the fact I was out in public with miles of my legs exposed. I exhaled when I got to the store and off the street.

On my way to the second errand, I forgot what I was wearing. Not sure the best way to describe it, but it kind of faded into the background. Maybe it was the beautiful weather that distracted me or maybe I just got used to the sensation. Either way, I wasn't panicked or scared anymore.

Bonus of the whole experience? I wandered into a Penzeys Spices got a couple of free spices because they were running a promotion. Whoohoo!



Think of this as practice. Learning how to overcoming the little EEK! moments will make it easier to take on the bigger ones.

Happy Saturday! 

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