BF Yourself: 3 Steps To Become More Body Positive

June 18, 2015

We’re data dorks in addition to panty makers. We asked 100 women to tell us about their bad thoughts and how they handle them.

The results made us a little sad but our magical positive fairy came up with something that can help. Her solution has the added benefit of allowing us to talk about how we’re “f’ing” ourselves.

More than 40% of women said the last bad thought they had was about being fat or overweight. This didn’t change by age, which means that we aren’t getting more forgiving as we get older. Women were also beating themselves up for not being pretty enough, not being a good mom, not working hard enough, and aging.   

Half of the women we spoke to rarely or never give themselves pep talks to handle their negative thoughts. The younger the woman, the less likely she is to pump herself up with positive talk. 

Here’s a unique approach to guide your thoughts to be more body positive. We call it “BF’ing (best friending) Yourself”

Step 1 

Notice your negative thoughts then ask yourself about them. If “I’m fat” comes up, ask yourself
  • Am I really fat or just upset about something else?
  • I felt beautiful before, what changed?
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen today because I’m fat?

Asking yourself questions like this does two things: accepts the negative thoughts as they are and gives you a chance to answer yourself honestly. (read more here)



Step 2

Remind yourself of the one thing (or ten) that makes you fun to be around. If you can do this daily, even better. This will help you focus on you, not your body.





Step 3

Feeling badly about your body may make you keep people away. Touching someone (human or pet) or yourself brings you back into reality where your body is a vehicle for happiness rather than something to hide. Get a massage, cuddle, hold your cat, lotion up after your shower, anything to remind yourself that your body is worthy of the affection. (read more here)


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