Behind the Panty: I am right where the universe needs me

March 31, 2015

We’ve all had those moments in life when a kind reminder has gotten us through a tough spot. Behind the Panty is the story of the moments and women that inspired the phrases of InnerTruth Panties.
Jayne has been my hero for years. She is unabashedly herself. Full of confidence, funny as hell, and one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. The same woman that couldn’t stand on a 19th floor balcony was dancing on the 148th floor balcony on the Burj Khalifa because she was tired of being afraid of heights. She’s impressive.

Jayne started her own business over 10 years ago, building a reputation as “the person” to call when a business was in trouble. She built her practice from scratch, one project and client at a time. She was creative; searching articles and job postings for early clues that a business was struggling and then conveniently stopping by to drop off information. She worked hard and she succeeded.   

Last summer, she and her husband decided to semi-retire and moved from the Midwest to Florida. Jayne being Jayne, she wasn’t ready to fully retire and she set about building another business in the new area. She’d done it before, knew what she needed to do, and got to work.

She visited prospective clients every day, called and emailed, and sold the hell out of herself. Problem was, she wasn’t getting any takers. For a woman who was used to having to turn away work, this was a tough thing to swallow. 

Jayne believes that things happen for a reason. We experience events, start and end relationships, and encounter barriers, all to get us to a specific place at a specific time. 

Jayne was driving her golf cart back from the pool one day and she came across a woman who was standing on the side of the road. Jayne said the woman just didn’t look right, something was wrong. Jayne stopped and walked back to the woman, asking if she was ok. The stranger shook her head, looking dazed. She told Jayne her father had just passed and she was waiting for her cousin to come to the house. Jayne went into soothing mode. They ended up sitting on the front stoop, talking, until the stranger’s cousin arrived. Jayne gave the woman her card, told her that the next couple of days would be a blur, but when things settle to call her if she needed to talk. 

Jayne was there for this woman, at one of her saddest moments. If Jayne had gotten a client, she wouldn’t have been coming back from the pool at that moment. The stranger would have had to endure that dark moment alone. The universe had put Jayne where she needed to be.

 “I am right where the universe needs me” is a reminder that while we don’t always know the reason why we’re on a specific path, there is a purpose. We are exactly where we are meant to be at this moment.

What’s your story about being where the universe needs you? 

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